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Adam Conover Is Not Gay. Dating his Wife to Be Girlfriend Lisa Hanawalt.

Originally posted on October 30, 2020 @ 5:47 am

Adam Conover is 37 years old American best know comedian, producer, and YouTuber. He first became famous for his cast on a comedy film, ‘College Humor.’ However, his production on web series on TruTv in the comedy series Adam Ruins everything’ was his breakthrough into fame.

Adam is also a writer and television host. He hosts the American twist of ‘The Crystal Maze’ that airs on Nicholedon. In this article, we are going to unearth facts about his personal life, including his past relationships and net worth.

Career Info.

Adam did not feature on any significant channels but made a sudden appearance in 2012 when he worked as a sketch writer and performer on the Humor College that was streamed on YouTube. Having made some success, he then created another show that he named ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ on True TV.

Adam intended to expose untold truths and enlighten his viewers on common stereotypes in society. The best medium he could do that was on TV. The show was first aired on 29th September 2015. The show turned out to be successful and opened many doors for the comedian. In 2016, he gave a talk titled ‘Millennials Don’t Exist’ at a marketing conference about millennials.

He has received numerous invitations to give talks since then. Notably, in April 2019, he was on Joe Rogan, a fellow comedian, and TV host’s show, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.’ In 2020, Adam finally got his chance to host a TV show when he hosted the American version of ‘The Crystal Maze,’ a British game show.

Is Adam Conover Gay?

Adam is open-minded and is determined to bring to light the topics that are least discussed in the society with a touch of a great sense of humor. These topics include homosexuality. However, his opinion does not define him, just like any other person. So, Adam is not gay and has not been linked to any known gay or bisexual partner.

Adam Conover is Dating a Girlfriend Lisa Hanawalt. 

Adam has a long-term relationship with his girlfriend and soon became a wife, a lady named Lisa Hanawalt. Lisa is an illustrator and a cartoonist. She had a crush on Adam when Adam was working on comedy sketches with Raphael.

The fact that they are in the same line of work was a good ground that saw crush mature to affection. Recently, Adam celebrated ten years of friendship with Lisa.

The two enjoy husband and wife relationship but are neither engaged nor married. Could be the reason why they say Adam is ‘gay.’ Lisa has made Adam a better person; in 2018, he quit drinking.

Image of Adam Conover with his wife Lisa Hanawalt
Caption: Adam Conover with his wife Lisa Hanawalt

Net Worth.

Adam is a known YouTuber where he runs his show and other merchandise. His earnings from his plays and other online projects, if totaled, are estimated to be between 0.5 – 1 Million USD.

Image of Youtuber Adam Conover net worth
Caption: Youtuber Adam Conover net worth


Adam was born in a family where education was valued. His father, David Conover, is a marine biologist, while his mother, Margret, is a botanist. His sister, Emily, holds a Ph.D. in particular physics. Adam is the only member of that family who has no Pd.D. he chose comedy, and it has earned him fame, money, and a beautiful lady.

Adam on Social Media.

Youtuber Adam is very active on social media. His YouTube Channel has 68K; his videos have millions of views. In Instagram, he 74K followers, 167K on Twitter, and 1.2M in Facebook. He also has a podcast and an official website.

About Adam’s Sister Emily Conover.

Emily is a science journalist who covers all aspects of Physics in ‘Science New’ previously; she was a writer at the American Physical Society and Science Magazine. She earned her Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago, where she majored in neutrinos.

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