Adam Schiff Gay Rumors: He is Married to Wife Eve Schiff.

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Adam Schiff is an American politician and lawyer. Likewise, he is a member of the Democratic Party, serving since 2011 as a congressman. Shiff has participated in numerous physical activities that include triathlons and marathons. Moreover, Schiff has done many firsts as a congressman, like joining the inaugural in 2010, participating in AIDS/LIFECYCLE(seven-day bike riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles for raising awareness and funding to fight HIV and AIDS). Similarly, he writes screenplays like murder mysteries, drama, and so on. This article focuses on knowing if Adam Schiff is gay.

Is Adam Schiff Gay?

In Congress law, people believe in making people with all sexual orientations get equal rights. Adam Schiff is a Congress representative, and with all the fact checks, he is also gay right activists. He also released a statement in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month that summarizes believing in marriage equality.

Because of him being an LGBTQ rights believer, people might assume that he is a homosexual himself. Still, according to his marital status and two loving children, Alexa and Elijah, he is not homosexual. As far as we know, he has a wife named Eve and has two children. 

Adam Schiff Is Married to His Wife Eve Schiff

Adam and Eve, it’s like they were meant to be together. They met in 1990 on a tennis court. She is a former tennis player, and it seems legit that they met on a tennis court. Eve has been on her husband’s side throughout his political career all these years, not to mention she is two years older than him.

She works as a volunteer now. They met through their friends who planned a double tennis match. They invited them both, and as we say, they both clicked. Congressman Schiff believes that his friend invited them to make jokes about ‘Adam and Eve.’

After the tennis court, they dated for almost 5 years and married each other. After three years of their married life, they gave birth to their first baby, Alexa Marion. She is now 22 years old, and they both are still together.

Their son, Elijah Schiff, was born four years after Alexa and is now in high school. It’s a wonder why they didn’t name their children Cain and Abel. They raised their children in the Jewish faiths and traditions despite their mother being a catholic.

Adam Schiff looking happy with his wife, Eve

American politician and lawyer Adam Schiff and his wife, Eve Schiff

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