About Melanie Martinez’s Sexuality: Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual?

Melanie Adele Martinez is a New York-born musician, actress, and scriptwriter. Her big break came back in 2012 after she was chosen to be a part of the Voice. When she was done with the series, Melanie dropped her debut single, Dollhouse, after she was signed to Atlantic Records. If you had to describe Martinez’s […]

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Image of James Charles sexuality: Is he Gay or a Transgender.

James Charles Sexuality: Is He Gay or a Transgender?

James Charles Dickinson is a social media personality and make-up specialist. He went down in history as the first male ambassador of the make-up brand, CoverGirl. We should always point out that James has enjoyed a marginally successful career in music. To date, he has made tracks like the First Date, Addicted To Sex, and […]

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Image of Sophia Lillis Sexuality: Lesbian, Bi, or Transgender

Sophia Lillis Sexuality: Is She a Gay?

Sophia Lillis is a New York-born actress who horror aficionados will fondly remember for her star-making role in IT Chapters 1 & 2. The role saw her collaborate with the likes of Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Bill Skarsgård, who portrayed the terrifying Pennywise. Sophia is additionally interested in photography. Her stepfather got her […]

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Image of Is Chris Colfer Gay

Is Chris Colfer Gay? His Boyfriend and Net Worth.

Chris Colfer is an American actor, author, and singer. Colfer skyrocketed to stardom through his role in the series, Glee. Chris’s acting skills have not gone unnoticed. He has been the receiver of several awards, such as the People’s Choice Awards and the Best Supporting Actor in a Series at the Golden Globe Awards. Just […]

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Is Avan Jogia Gay? Know his sexuality and Relationships.

Avan Jogia is a singer, writer, and television personality who is fondly remembered for his work with Nickelodeon. He had a prominent role on show, Victorious, which saw him feature alongside the likes of pop-icon, Ariana Grande. Avan is a former student of King George Secondary School. Most people will not be aware of the […]

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Image of Jeffree Star Sexuality: Gay or Transgender

Is Jeffree Star Gay or Transgender?

Jeffree Star is a social media personality, musician, and businessperson. He is the proprietor of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which sells products like the Magic Star Concealer and Velour Lip Liner. His music career took off about a decade ago when he released an album titled ‘Beauty Killer.’ Some celebrities have even described her as the […]

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Is Noah Centineo Gay or Bisexual?

Noah Gregory Centineo is a Florida-born actor who has worked on television shows like The Fosters. His turn on the show earned him a Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Star. Other than this, he has also appeared on the Netflix sponsored film; Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. He worked with actors like RJ […]

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Image of Is Sophia Hutchins Transgender

Is Sophia Hutchins Transgender? Her Gender Revealed.

Sophia Hutchins is a model, social media personality, and celebrity manager who is affiliated with Caitlyn Jenner. The latter needs no introduction as she comes from one of the most famous families in the country. On Instagram, she has a respectable following of 142K. She uses the platform to promote various brands like Lumasol. One […]

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Image of Brie Larson Sexuality Revealed: Know if Captain Marvel is Gay.

Brie Larson Sexuality Revealed: Know if Captain Marvel is Gay.

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers aka Brie Larson is a California-born actress who is known for her roles in Box office films like Kong-Skull Island and 21 jump street. Most people say that her breakout role came with her award-winning turn in Room. She received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work on this film. […]

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Is Queen Latifah a Lesbian? Her sexuality revealed.

Dana Elaine Owens is a hip-hop musician, songwriter, and producer who is fondly remembered for hits like Ladies First. Most people know her by her stage name, Queen Latifah. Over the years, Latifah has released chart topic albums like Nature of a Sista and All Hail the Queen. Aside from music, Dana has also enjoyed […]

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