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BTS Sexuality: Is any BTS Member Gay?

Originally posted on October 30, 2020 @ 6:23 am

Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, is a Guinness Books of Record-breaking pop music group of seven boys from South Korea. The boys formed the group in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea. They were initially more of hip-hop music, but over the years, their music has evolved over a series of genres.

They had also widened the message behind their songs from writing songs about tough topics in their countries like the same sex and to making music that had a global impact when they partnered with UNICEF to campaign against child hunger.

In a group of seven very handsome and talented boys who are advocating for self-love and the same love, questions about them being gay are unavoidable. In this article, we are going to check the profile of each member of the group and confirm to you who among them is gay and

Is Jungkook Gay?

Jungkook is straight. He is rumored to have dated Ko So-Hyun. The rumor continues to say that the two have a secret Instagram account where they keep confidential posts. As far as we are concerned, he is straight and currently single.

Is Jimin gay?

Certainly not gay. Jimin has previously been linked to a fellow pop artist named Han Seung-Yeon. The fine details of their relationship are not known.

Image of BTS Jimin and pop artist Han Seung-Yeon
Caption: BTS Jimin and pop artist Han Seung-Yeon

Is SUGA gay?

Suga has managed to keep his private life confidential. However, he was once linked to a fellow pop artist Suran. Suga denied these rumors. With that weak link, we can conclude that he is straight, waiting for his perfect match.

Is Jin Gay?

Jin is the oldest member of the group, he is currently 28 years old, and he is the group’s vocalist. He is undoubtedly straight. Jin has been linked to two ladies. The first one a comedian Lee Guk Joo, but it later turned out to be baseless rumors.

The comedian was not his type of girlfriend. After the comedian, he was linked to sol-bin, a member of a group that organized an event they attended.

Image of BTS Jin and Lee Guk Joo
Caption: BTS Jin and Lee Guk Joo

There were few pointers of them being together, but no hard evidence. Jin has his type of girl and has not been linked to any gay, so he is straight.

RM Sexuality.

Affirmative, Rap Monster is gay. He is struggling with two identities, whether to be a man or a woman. RM was the first member to be recruited, and immediately he joined, he confessed his admiration for two members of the group, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in the hit song ‘same love’ this song was about homosexuality. He also gave another bold hint of recommending ‘strawberries and cigarettes’ a song done by openly gay musician Troye Sivan.

BTS member V Sexuality.

Of all the seven guys, V is the only member who has openly come out about his relationship. He has a girlfriend named Hi. V always tags her on his posts. He refers to her as Hi Huna. So V is certainly not gay.

J-Hope Gay?

Currently, J Hope is single. He once had a girlfriend before joining the group. The details of his ex are unknown. And that’s the only rumor we have to prove that he is not gay.

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