Is Catherine Bell Gay? Who’s Her Wife/Partner?

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There is never a dull moment with American actress Catherine Bell. One minute, she’s serving us with model looks from her mixed Scottish-Iranian heritage; the next, she’s a Catholic Scientist. One minute she’s a kickboxer, and before you know it, she’s flying airplanes. You’d have to be pretty close to her to actually understand what goes on in her life or, more importantly, where her headspace is at. That said, we’re no experts at all things Catherine, but we do have some info on her husband, girlfriend, and spouse that might interest you. Read on till the end to find out whether Catherine Bell is gay or not.

Who is Catherine Bell?

Catherine Bell identifies as an actress, producer, and model professionally. When she’s not busy shaping her career, she enjoys sports hobbies such as motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, kickboxing, cross-stitching, making model cars, and occasionally flying airplanes.

While that may seem like much on her plate, believe it or not, there’s more. The 52-year old is also a practicing Scientologist and mother of two. However, it’s her role as an actress on JAG as well as Hallmark’s The Good Witch that shaped up her career.

Is Catherine Bell Married to a Husband?

Catherine Bell’s love life started off as a fairy tale. She met her spouse, Adam Beason when her career had started to manifest. Having quit her modeling job in Japan and moved back to California to try acting, she met her husband on the set of Death Becomes Her

The pair went on to date for two more years before tying their nuptials on May 8th, 1994, in front of friends and family. Shortly after, they made a 5700 square foot estate their home after welcoming their kids, Gemma and Ronan.

For a while, everything seemed okay as both were earning a substantial amount. Catherine Bell registered $15 million as her net worth while her husband worked as a producer, writer, and director. They even co-owned a production company as partners. However, their relationship came to a sudden halt following their divorce in 2011. So, what exactly happened?

Catherine Bell with her ex-husband, Adam

American actress, Catherine Bell, and her Ex-husband, Adam Beason

Is Catherine Bell Gay?

Sources claimed that she left her spouse and marriage after having turned lesbian. On the other hand, other blogs went ahead to ship Catherine Bell as openly gay. In her defense, the actress has repeatedly gone on record that she grew up as Valley Girl with tomboy tendencies.

She’d dress like a dude, skateboard, and even play football with the dudes. Even when she served as a model, the actress kept to her tomboy personality. As a result, she doesn’t dispute all the rumors circling around that she is gay but has never outright admitted to being a lesbian either.

Who is Catherine Bell Dating Now? Meet Her Girlfriend

Upon divorcing her husband, the actress moved in with even organizer, photographer, and Scientologist Brooke Daniels in Los Angeles. While the dynamics of their relationship are still in question, some believe that they are just two friends living together. On the other hand, some believe that she’s taken up a new spouse to the extent of buying a $2.05 million single-story ranch to live with her.

Nonetheless, we have reason to believe that the pair are dating simply because Brooke Daniels is bisexual. Like Catherine, she was also previously married to her husband, Kenn Daniels but ended their marriage in 2012. Coincidentally, she’s also a mother of two, sharing custody with her former spouse. Once in a while, Brooke’s newfound partner, Catherine Bell, also helps in looking after her kids making it one big blended family.

Catherine Bell smiling with her rumored girlfriend, Brooke

American actress, Catherine Bell, and her rumored girlfriend, Brooke Daniells

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