Is Damian Hurley Gay? 

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Damian Hurley

The term beautiful has often been associated with the female gender. However, with the LGBTQ nation in question, the phrase applies on both ends of the spectrum. That said, one look at Damian Hurley, and you wouldn’t know whether to call him beautiful or handsome, for he is both. As a result, many people have often questioned his gender identity, wondering whether Damian Hurley is gay, transgender, or in transition. If you’re just as fascinated with him as the rest of the world, then you’re in luck as we get to answer all your questions in this article.

Who is Damian Hurley?

Damian Hurley is an English actor and model for IMG Models. As the offspring of the English actress Elizabeth Hurley, you’d expect him to be under the limelight from an early age. Moreover, his late father, Steve Bing, an American businessman, could probably pull off a few strings if he wanted to. Sadly, he grew up in a broken home and didn’t have the luxury of compact parenthood.

Nonetheless, he followed in his mother’s footsteps, and by July 2016, at the age of 13, he made his debut as an actor. Damian Hurley played Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein beside his mother in the original series, The Royals on the E! Network. By 2018, he had reached model status by signing a contract with Tess Management’s modeling agency.

Damian Hurley

Damian Hurley.

Is Damian Hurley Gay? Or In a Relationship?

Damian Charles Hurley has never gone on record to disclose his sexuality. Most kids struggle with coming to terms with their sexuality and seeing that the actor just turned 18, we’ll need to cut him some slack. That is, of course, if he is struggling with coming to terms with fitting in.

So far, he has not confirmed whether he likes boys or girls. Moreover, that does not bother him either, considering he poses almost nude while working with both genders. Lastly, the model seems to be very much in love and is dating a girl.

The girl in question is called Milliey Agriff, as seen from her private Instagram. The pair spend loads of time together, which is a good thing considering Elizabeth Hurley approves of her. This follows over a hearty birthday wish on Instagram over a collage of photos.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley.

Damian Hurley’s Gender. Is He a Transitioning Transgender?

The speculations surrounding Damian Hurley’s gender all seem to have originated from keen fans. The guy is practically the spitting image of his mother, Liz Hurley. To add fire into the mix, he even dresses girly like her – down to pretty dresses and full glossy locks for hair.

Likewise, the speculations that he might also be trans spiraled out of control when he posed shirtless with a bald cap for a modeling project. As a result, many of his fans believe that it’s only a matter of time before he comes out as transgender. If he does, be sure to check in with us for the latest updates.

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