Is David Muir Gay? Married to Wife/Partner?

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David Muir

David Jason Muir is an American Journalist born November 8, 1973.  Muir is also an anchor for ABC World News Tonight and co-anchor at ABC News Magazine. Muir won multiple awards for his work in journalism. He won Emmy awards as well as Edward R. Murrow awards. According to sources, in 2012 and 2013, Muir received the most airtime on television, making him the most viewed journalist in America. Furthermore, let us find out if David Muir is gay.

People’s magazine also selected Muir as one of the sexiest men alive in 2014.

Now 45, anchor at “World News Tonight with David Muir” is the most-watched newscast in America.

Is David Muir Gay?

David Jason Muir

David Jason Muir.

His sexual orientation and relationship status, however, is what has continued to elude his numerous fans.  According to Muir, he wants to keep his love life and his personal life private. This has put many fans to believe that Muir might be homosexual or even bisexual.

Is Gio Benitez David Muir’s Gay Partner?

In 2015, Gio Benitez (Muir’s associate) and David Jason Muir occurred together many times. The rumor of them being together spread like wildfire among the fans and admirers. However, Muir never commented on this, which increased people’s speculations about Muir’s sexuality.

The rumor has it that Muir is in a romantic friendship with his associate Gio Benitez and his colleague. On top of that, different sources report that Muir went to the gay bars with Benitez multiple times. However, after Benitez engaged with his boyfriend, the news on Muir being homosexual came down due to lack of evidence.

Gio Beneitz

Gio Benitez.

Moreover, some websites claim Muir’s marriage with his boyfriend, whose name is Sean. Though with less proof and pictures of them, it might just be a hoax, or it may be true, but who knows? 

Likewise, Muir has a close relationship with his work colleague Kelly Ripa at ABC News. According to an Instagram post from Muir, he said he likes spending time with her (Kelly Ripa). Again, the rumor speculated about him dating Kelly Ripa. 

But, the rumor stopped when people found out Ripa and her husband are together for over 20 years. Her husband is an American actor, Mark Consuelos. The couple has 3 children. They are a couple of powerhouses, and they also keep their life private. There hasn’t been any disclosure about Ripa and Consuelos being separated or having marital problems. 

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa.

Is David Muir Married to his wife?

David Jason Muir is a mystery to all of us. Apart from his Instagram posts about his good dog named Axel, there hasn’t been any post about him being romantic with anyone right now. Even now, with much less proof, there are many speculations about Muir being gay.

With those entire rumors, Muir seems to let the rumors go around without even addressing it once. He might be just the type of person that wants to live in peace and have a happy private life without anyone disturbing his peace.

So, to sum it up, David Muir is not married to a wife or a gay partner yet.

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