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Is Billie Eilish Gay?

Originally posted on August 5, 2019 @ 9:54 pm

Billie Eilish is an upcoming trending icon in the music industry and social media. Her debut single “Ocean Eyes” on Spotify has 132 million streams and over 1.5 billion worldwide. Find out more about her after reading this review. We will also address the gay rumors surrounding Billy Eilish.

Music Career.

Billy Eilish, who is only 18yrs old, began singing at a young age. She joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus at the age of 8.

Three years later, Billy was able to both write and sing her songs. ‘Ocean Eyes’ was first released in 2016 by SoundCloud. Later the same year it was re-released by Darkroom and Interscope Records.

Billy Eilish’s consistency is impressive and reflected in songs like ‘Six Feet Under.’ In 2017, Bellyache followed, and the same year and Bored dropped. The latter was used by Netflix series 13.

Image of American singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish

American singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish

Is Billie Eilish Gay?

The information on Billie Eilish’s dating history and sexual orientation is currently not available. We did learn that she is single. The musician seems to be more focused on her career to achieve her goals early in life.

The gay rumors most likely stemmed from the buzz surrounding her hit single, ‘wish you were gay.’ The song made headlines for all sorts of reasons. Eilish, in response to the backlash, explained that she was inspired by a guy she admired and loved.

Billie hoped this guy would love her. Unfortunately, the man didn’t. Billie Eilish wished he loved her, even though he could love girls. This meant she wished he was gay.


Some people felt the song was an insult to the gay community. Billie Eilish however, describes it as more of a joke than an insult. The guy that she loved but couldn’t love her back. It wasn’t his fault; he was just himself.

Billie Eilish Current Spouse.

Billie Eilish was born on 18th of December 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell.

Image of Billie Eilish with her mother Maggie Baird

Billie Eilish with her mother Maggie Baird

They are both in the entertainment industry. Eilish began singing at a young age and went ahead to write songs by the time she was 11.

Image of American singer-songwriter, Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is currently single now

At the moment, there is no record of her being in a relationship with anyone. As earlier indicated, she looks more focused on her career, which is soaring higher by the day. On the other hand, she is only 18.

Career Focus.

Billie Eilish’s career is very time-consuming. Staying at the top can be an uphill task for such a young artist. Her fans are on her neck, expecting nothing but the best. This is because she is listed as one of the upcoming artists.

Having all these expectations and responsibilities may be the reason why she is not in a relationship. Billie has other obligations. Furthermore, young people of her age are busy building their careers, not contacts.

Past Relationship History.

Even though Billie Eilish is not in any known relationship at the moment, she admits in a statement she gave regarding her inspiration to “Wish You Were Gay” to have madly fallen in love with a guy while she was 14 years.

Unfortunately, her crush never became interested in her for no known reason. She wished the guy’s reason for not loving her back was because he was gay, and somehow, later on, she came to discover he was gay.

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