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Is Cody Fern Gay?

Originally posted on August 2, 2019 @ 8:51 pm

Cody Fern was born on 6th July 1988 in Southern Cross, Western Australia. He is a filmmaker and actor. Cody attended school at Merredin Senior High School. He then went to the Curtin University of Technology, graduating with an Honors Degree in Commerce in 2009. He has trained with various acting coaches like Ellen Burstyn, Susan Batson, and Larry Moss. Learn Cody Fern’s net worth in this review. Find out if he is gay as well.

Film Career.

Cody Fern appeared in various films in his early career. They include Hole in the ground, Still Take You Home, Drawn Home, The Last Time I Saw Richard, to name a few.

He later appeared in The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Pisces, and The Greatest Darkened Days. The actor also featured on American Horror Story: Apocalypse (2018) and House of Cards (2018).

Image of Cody Fern from the movie, The Last Time I Saw Richard
Cody Fern from the movie, The Last Time I Saw Richard


Cody Fern won the Movie/Limited Series Supporting Actor for his part in American Crime. The actor was also nominated in the Ensemble of the Year. Other nominations include Breakthrough Performer of the Year and Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series.

Cody Fern Net worth ($ 500,000)

Actors have the potential to rake in millions in terms of salary. As such, Cody Ferns net worth is estimated to be $500 thousand. Being an Australian actor, he earns around $20.18 – $58.17 Australian dollars per hour. Cody also receives $70 – $80k per episode on his Netflix show.

Image of Australian actor, Cody Fern net worth is $500,000
Australian actor, Cody Fern net worth is $500,000

Is Cody Fern Gay?

Cody Fern has never openly declared his sexuality. However, sources from YouTube claim that he is gay. In a video on YouTube, Cody was thought to be in a relationship with Su Novio.


Image of Cody Fern with his partner Su Novio
Cody Fern with his partner Su Novio

These two have dated for quite some time. They have several pictures and videos of themselves that echoes their love. Their relationship is beautiful, and they look happy together.


In the movie ‘American Crime Story’ – Gay Shame and the Redemption of David Madson by JOANNA ROBINSON Cody Fern acts as David. In this movie, Fern is said to use his own life experience being gay in the role. It helped him extrapolate what Madson felt. In other words, his out of screen gay nature aided him to act successfully in this movie.

Current Spouse.

According to a video uploaded on YouTube, Cody Fern’s current spouse is Su Novio. There is no information regarding him.

Cody Fern Past relationship history.

Cody Fern has no record of a past relationship; he seems to have concentrated on building his career.

Parting Shot.

One time after Cody Fern cleared school and had everything working just normal and fine. He perceived an emptiness deep inside him that led him to hate everything and everyone around him. It is as if life came to a standstill for him. This was a defining moment that would either break him or build him.

Luckily for him, this was his turning point. He quit what he was doing and joined an experimental theatre group. This magical turn has taken him to the height of fame, opening vast opportunities for him. The future looks bright for Cody Fern as he pursues his acting career.

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