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Is Dennis Rodman Gay?

Originally posted on August 2, 2019 @ 2:50 pm

Dennis Rodman is a retired NBA star, actor, former wrestler, and TV personality. He was born on 31st May 1961 to Shirley and Philander Rodman Jr. in Trenton New Jersey. The retired athlete went to school at South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, Texas. Between 1983 and 1986 he attended Southeastern Oklahoma State University. This is where his talent was discovered. In 1996 he was selected by the Detroit Pistons. Know what his net worth is. Also, find out if Dennis Rodman is gay in this review.

Basketball Career.

Dennis Rodman played with Detroit Pistons (1986 – 1993), San Antonio Spurs (1993 1995), Chicago Bulls (1995 – 1998), Los Angeles Lakers (1999), Dallas Mavericks (2000).

After the turn of the Millenium, he played with Long Beach Jam, Fuerza Regia, Orange County Crush, Tijuana Dragons, Torpan Pojat, Tijuana Dragons and Brighton Bears.

Dennis was famous for his rebounding and fierce defensive abilities. He started at the small forward position then advanced to becoming a power forward.

Image of American Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman
American Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman

Award and Later Accomplishments.

Dennis Rodman earned NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award twice among many other awards. In his wrestling career, his ring name was Sting. His first fight was in 1997 during the Bash at the Beach event. He teamed up with his friend Hogan to fight Lex Luger and The Giant. Unfortunately, they lost this march. Dennis Rodman retired from wrestling in 2000.

Rodman has had a long prosperous life. However, his lifestyle, multiple marriages, costly divorce, and legal battles consumed a big chunk of his fortunes. This left him almost broke.

Dennis Rodman Net worth ($ 1 million)

During his career, the former athlete would earn a salary of as much as $30 million.  At the moment, Dennis Rodman’s net worth has drastically dropped to an estimate of $1 million.

Image of American Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman net worth is $1 million
American Basketball Player, Dennis Rodman net worth is $1 million

Is Dennis Rodman, Gay?

There is no record of him being gay. He has been involved romantically with several women. Most of his relationships did not last long. This is the reason for the rumours going around that he might be gay. In 1996 at the signing of his first autobiography “Bad As I Wanna Be” he showed up in a horse-drawn carriage wearing a blonde wig and a wedding dress. On this occasion, Dennis Rodman went ahead to announce that he was bisexual and was planning to get married to himself.

Dennis Rodman current spouse.

The former athlete, Dennis Rodman, indicates that currently, he has no spouse after his last divorce with Michelle Moyer.

Image of Dennis Rodman with his ex-wife Michelle Moyer.
Dennis Rodman with his ex-wife Michelle Moyer.

Past relationships

Dennis Rodman’s first relationship was with Annie Bakes in the late 1980s.  Blakes and Dennis had one child named Alexis. They officially got married in 1992 but a year later got divorced. Alexis is all grown up and married with one child called Vincent, so Dennis Rodman is already a Grandfather.

After his divorce to Alexis Rodman, the former NBA star dated several other ladies including Madonna and Vivica between 1993 and 1997.

In 1998, Dennis Rodman met and married Carmen Electra. She is a model and actress. It was a shortlived marriage.

Image of Dennis Rodman with his wife Carmen Electra
Dennis Rodman with his wife Carmen Electra

A few months later, Rodman was dating another woman. This was Michelle Moyer. Dennis Rodman and Moyer had their first child, Dennis Junior in 2000. A year later, they welcomed their second child, Trinity. Dennis’ 42nd birthday was also the couple’s wedding date. The following year, Moyer filed for divorce. 2012 was the year it became official.

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