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Is Shephard Smith Gay?

Originally posted on August 1, 2019 @ 2:48 pm

David Shepard Smith works for America Fox News Channel as a news anchor. He was born on 14th January in 1964 in Holy Springs, Mississippi. His parents are Dora Ellen Anderson and David Shepard Smith Sr. David’s Journalism career began in 1986 in Panama City Beach Florida with WJHG-TV, he then worked with WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, WSVN in Miami, WKMG-TV in Orlando and many others. He joined Fox News Channel when it first aired in 1996. Find out if he is gay or not.

Is Shepard Smith Gay?

During a long conversation with Psychologist George Weinberg in 2008, David Shepard Smith finally opened up and confirmed he was indeed gay. However, he indicated that being gay is not a defining factor. It was a part of him like any other aspect of his life.

Shepard said he didn’t deliberately hide his sexuality from being public, but he just stayed clear of the issue to avoid the consequences. Some of the reasons that made him avoid the subject are;

  • The fear of being told he would go to hell for being gay.
  • The fear of losing friends once they learn of his gay status.
  • What would such news mean to his immediate family members, how would he explain it to them, and what would be their reaction.
  • His Reputation considering he was a public figure as a news anchor in one of the most conservative networks on earth.

These fears lead David Shepard Smith to repress his feelings to the point of marrying a woman, Virginia Donald. But the marriage ended up with a divorce and no child. Rumors going around indicated the marriage failed because of Shepard’s sexuality.

Image of Shephard Smith with his ex-wife Virginia Donald
Shephard Smith with his ex-wife Virginia Donald

His sexuality was for long a subject of speculation by gossip sites with his name appearing on gay power lists long before he ever declared it publically.

Shepard Smith Current Spouse.

In 2012 David Shepard Smith started an office affair with Giovanni Graziano. He is a former student of Penn State University where he studied broadcast journalism between 2005 – 2008.

They met at the Fox News Station where both of them were working; Shepherd as a news anchor and Gio as a production assistant on the show.

Image of Shephard Smith with his boyfriend Giovanni Graziano
Shephard Smith with his boyfriend Giovanni Graziano

The romance between the two of them grew and it led to a commitment to a romantic relationship. Shepard loves talking about his lover on “The Daily Mail.”

The couple’s age difference is 24 years; Shepard is 54 years and Gio is 30. Shepard’s relationship to Graziano led to him to being removed from Smith’s show. He migrated to Varney & Company to avoid a possible conflict of interest.

David Shepard Smith and his spouse prefer to keep their love life out of media attention.

We do not know when they will get married. There are however seem together often in different hot spots around Manhattan, at Bathtub Gin and many more.

Shepard Smith past Relationship History 

David Shepard Smith was married to Virginia Donald. Virginia is an alumnus of the University of Mississippi. Being inclined to art, she joined The Meek School of Journalism where Shepard Smith also was a student.

Their wedding took place in 1987. Unfortunately six years after the marriage in 1993 they divorced under vague circumstances. David’s sexuality was the reason.

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