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Is Timothy Granaderos gay?

Originally posted on October 30, 2020 @ 3:40 am

Timothy Granaderos is 33 years old American movie actor and model. He is famous for his role as Montgomery de la Cruz in the drama series, 13 Reasons why that is on Netflix. He has also featured in several heat shows such as ‘The Vault’ and T@gged, Runaways. Timothy has become a victim of circumstance between his job and his real life. His role as Monty brought has brought him his share of controversies. He is not the first actor to be considered who he is on the screen he is in real life. But could it be true that he is Monty? Find out in this article.

Monty Vs. Timothy

13 Reasons Why has received cynical critic from its first season. Hanna’s suicide scene was utterly obscene in season one. The view was later deleted from the show after a public uproar.  In season two, Monty’s sexual assault on Tyler was also way too much. It begins when Monty and his friends start to rough up Tyler in the bathroom with no intentions to beat him up and leave him in pain, but they went ahead and raped him with a mop handle. In another scene through flashback shows Monty in a party so drunk. The influence of alcohol drives him to approach another guy in the same party. His weakness to get hold of his feelings causes him to beat up the guy who caught his eyes. In a funny twist, he goes back to the same guy, and the two end up in bed. After the sex, Monty gets emotional in expressing his feelings to the guy.

Timothy Granaderos is Not Gay.

The series portrays Monty as an abusive man who ends up being jailed as a punishment for his wrongdoing. Timothy left the series on the third season after appearing for 43 episodes. He has been trolled in real life, and some even went ahead to send him death threats for his roles in the series. In real life, Timothy is a great guy. He is neither gay, nor has he ever been linked to any known gay individual presently or in the past.

Timothy’s Girlfriend

Kate Dixon and Timothy have been in a long term relationship. They are not engaged yet, even though some say that they had parted ways, and Timothy is single. Kate is a graphic designer. Their relationship is open as they share several photos on Instagram of them being together.

Image of Timothy with his girlfriend Kate Dixon
Caption: Timothy with his girlfriend Kate Dixon

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