Is Kathy Bates Gay? Or Married to a Husband? 

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Kathy Bates is a two-time Emmy Award-winning actress from Memphis, Tennessee. Her outstanding performances range from comedic acts as well as serious roles in drama films and daytime series. It’s plausible to say her immersive nature of getting into character is why fans can’t get enough of her. Once, she played a lesbian character in the film, Tammyand had all her fans confused about her sexual orientation. If you’re wondering whether Kathy Bates is gay or married to a husband, then you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Kathy Bates?

Kathy Bates doesn’t just star in films; she also does a pretty amazing job at directing them. Having grown up in Memphis, Tennessee, the actress went on to study theatre at the Southern Methodist University. It was after she got her papers that she moved to New York in pursuit of an acting job in the late ’60s.

You probably remember her from The Titanic, Two and a Half Menand her performance in the film Miserywhich won her an Academy Award. Kathy’s home cabinet also constitutes of other accolades such as three American Comedy Awards, two Emmys, two Golden Globes, and an Obie Award. You can check out her whole list of achievements here.

Kathy Bates looking cute in short hair

Emmy Award-winning actress, Kathy Bates

Is Kathy Bates Gay? Rumors or Facts?

Kathy Bates has always been proactive in mass movements with acceptable social constructs. For the longest time, she has been very supportive of the Human Rights Campaign as well as the LGBTQ nation. However, rumors about gay Kathy Bates started floating around right after the release of the film Tammyback in 2014.

In an exclusive interview with Pride Source magazine, the actress got down to her gay roots to promote the film. Bates had a few gay friends while growing up who found it hard to come out. As a member of the South Methodist Church, a person’s sexual preference didn’t really matter. Even her parent remained non-judgmental on whoever she brought home.

However, her chemistry with Sandra in the movie was quite palpable and relatable that many people bought it. As a result, her fans shipped her as a gay when in fact, she really isn’t, and here’s why.

Kathy Bates Marriage to Her Husband. Any Children?

Kathy Bates has gone on record to publicly announce that she plays for the other team. In fact, she is a straight as she can ever be, owing to her long-time marriage to her husband, now ex, Tony Campisi. The couple met just when her career was shaping up into something during the 70s. According to sources, Bates and her husband were exclusive for 13 years, settling for a wedding in 1991.

Sadly, their married life wasn’t as blissful as her career. In under six years, the newlyweds called off their marriage and divorced for reasons unknown. Some sources claim that their breakup was a result of her busy work schedule that put a strain on their relationship. Moreover, it’s also one of the reasons they never got down to having kids as she was busy chasing the Oscars.

Kathy Bates smiling with her ex-husband, Tony

Emmy Award-winning actress from Memphis, Kathy Bates and her Ex-husband, Tony Campisi

Who Is She Dating Now? Her Relationship History

In between chasing the bag, Kathy Bates also kissed a few frogs along the way. She dated Hollywood actor Benard Hill two years after her divorce in 1993. However, like her ex, the relationship didn’t last long either. After that, the actress took a long hiatus from relationships until 2006, when sources claim she dated a guy named Rodrigo Semporaci, whoever that is. Our efforts to find anyone linked to the name were futile.

As we speak, Kathy Bates is a possible single. However, if she was ever a lesbian, the actress mentioned that she wouldn’t mind doing a movie with fellow actress Uma Thurman. If anything, she’d invite exploring what it’s like being in a lesbian relationship with her. If and when that comes to pass, rest assured we’ll be here to cover it.

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