Is Rick Steves Gay? Or Married to a Wife? 

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Very few people get to travel the world during their lifetime, much less make a whole career out of it. Rick Steves has seen it all, from the snowy mountains in North America to the wild, untamed Australian Outback. His excursions have made excellent travel guides as well as intriguing forms of literature in his books. While most people satisfy their needs for an adventure through his works, others simply want to know more about the author. Case in point, if you’ve always wondered whether Rick Steves is gay or married to a wife, then you’re right at home.

Who is Rick Steves?

Richard John Steves Jr is a 65-year-old American travel writer, author, and TV star. Since the beginning of the 21st Century, Steves traveled all through Europe, documenting it in the TV series Rick Steve’s EuropeA few years later, the PBS star went on to public radio with the show, Travel with Rick Steves that airs to date. Since then, he has upgraded his portfolio to include humanitarian activism and syndicated newspaper columnist.

Rick drew his inspiration to travel from the few trips he took with his parents as a kid. He vividly remembers documenting his first time in Europe when he was 14 and later on age 18. Sure enough, his first job was teaching travel classes at the University of Washington. Since then, he advocates for independent travel for all his audiences.

Rick Steves smiling and carrying a bag

American travel author, Rick Steves

Is Rick Steves Gay? Facts or Rumors?

The onset of the travel documentary Rick Steve’s Europe brought him into the public eye. For years, he documented his journey to the hidden gems of Europe, exploring it with his family. At first, it all seemed like a never-ending vacation, but over the next few years, we saw less and less of his family. Instead, we got tapes of Rick discovering new spots (some were scenic and romantic) with his male friend.

It didn’t take much for enthusiasts of the show to try and put two and two together with the guy. As a result, a whole forum was created on Fodor in a bid to shed light on the situation. However, the evidence was inconclusive. Fast forward to about a decade later, the travel enthusiast surprised everyone by highlighting the Gay Travel in Europe topic on his Facebook.

While the majority of the LGBTQ nation shared their experiences in the comment section, some questioned his thought process on the subject matter. No one knows whether he needed the information for his next best-selling travel guide or whether he asked out of sheer curiosity. Nonetheless, we’ll never know unless he comes out. That said, Rick Steves is certainly not gay.

Rick Steves Married Life and Reason for Divorce

The other plausible reason for thinking Rick Steves is gay is his divorce from his wife. For years, the travel enthusiast had been married to a beauty named Anne Steves. Many envied their marriage, which seemed like a never-ending fairytale. Which woman wouldn’t marvel at the thought of traveling and waking up in a different destination each week?

As it turns out, Anne did, or at least we think she did. The couple divorced in the year 2010, citing personal differences. It’s a good thing their two kids, Andy and Jackie Steves, were already grown up during the split. Andy took his father’s mantle and even founded his own travel company. No one knows why the reason they grew apart, but many have shipped their divorce as Rick secretly being gay.

Rick Steves with his Ex-wife, anne

American travel writer, Rick Steves and his Ex-wife, Anne Steves

Who Is He Dating Now?

Post-divorce, the family seemed to fair on quite well. Andy had his business up and running and even found a girl named Shelley Bryan Wee at his church. So, what about Rick? A lot of blogs and online sources have reason to believe that the travel enthusiast is currently shacked up with his assistant, Trish Feasher.

Like Rick, Trish is also a tour guide for Imprint Tours, writer, blogger, and guidebook researcher. She also doubles as the managing editor for Guide Collective, an online magazine for global explorers. The pair share interests, work and spend a lot of time together. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they wound up dating. However, their alleged relationship just goes to dispute the rumors that Rick Steves is gay.

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