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Is Keke Palmer Gay? Who is She Dating now in 2020?

Image of Is Keke Palmer Gay Her boyfriend/Partner/Husband and relationship timeline and dating history

Originally posted on April 24, 2020 @ 12:22 pm

We have known Keke Palmer ever since she was a child star at 13 years old. She is now a fully-fledged actress, singer, songwriter, and probably the youngest TV host on ABC’s morning show, Strahan, Sara, and Keke. Know if Keke Palmer is Gay.

However, what we do not know is Keke Palmer’s sexuality since she’s never labeled herself to a certain group of people. Nonetheless, her dating history should help give you some sort of idea onto where her heart lies. Here’s a brush on Keke Palmer’s relationship timeline, including her newest boyfriend.

Keke Palmer is not straight, gay, or bisexual?

Back in 2015, the RnB singer released a controversial video to her song; I Don’t Belong to You. In it, she starts in bed with a man and slowly winds up at the house of a woman in her lingerie.

She would later explain that the song was symbolic to represent the modern-day woman not bound to sexual brackets such as straight, gay, or bi-sexual.

The TV host also added that her life and sexuality is purely self-defined. She could be gay today and change tomorrow as captured by the song.

Therefore, Keke Palmer does not conform to any labels, implying that she is sexually fluid. That said, what’s the deal with her relationship timeline?

Keke Palmer’s dating history

Even though the former Nickelodeon child star doesn’t disclose much regarding her personal life, word still gets out. Now we’re not one to start up speculations, however, for someone who says she’s sexually fluid, why has she only dated men? Also, is she really who she says she is?

  • Earl Benjamin

Palmer’s first notable relationship was with famed rapper, Earl Benjamin, a.k.a. Ben J from New Boyz. As you might have guessed, the couple broke up because of their age issue. Keke was a minor still in her teens, whereas Ben J was 19.

He has often gone on record by saying that he wishes he would have stuck around like famed rapper Tyga did with Kylie Jenner. Maybe they would have still been a couple. Nonetheless, after Earl, Keke went on through a series of bad relationships as a young adult.

  • Rodney King

The Broadway Cinderella star is also said to have dated Guatemalan Rodney King back in 2010. Their entire relationship spanned out for three years before the couple broke up. According to a public statement that she made, the couple broke up due to their different lifestyles and lack of mutual understanding. Palmer was younger and wasn’t all into the life King tried to live

Image of Keke Palmer dated Rodney King
Caption: Keke Palmer dated Rodney King
  • Quincy Brown

It didn’t take Keke long to bounce back into another relationship after things didn’t pan out with her previous. This was to be her longest-running relationship yet, which spanned out between the years 2013 to 2017. However, unlike most of her relationships, Palmer kept it under wraps and denied ever dating the talented actor. Nonetheless, their on-screen and off-screen chemistry was undeniable

Image of Keke Brown and Quincy Brown
Caption Keke Brown and Quincy Brown
  • YG

As Keke’s music career blossomed, so did her relationship with famed rapper YG between 2014 to 2015. However, unlike all her other relationships, this was one of her shortest and most disheartening. The pair were both signed to Interscope Records got cozy while trying to further their music careers.

Image of Keke Brown dated rapper YG
Caption: Keke Brown dated rapper YG

However, their romance came to an abrupt halt when rapper YG announced that he was expecting a baby with one of her exes. The cheating news may have crushed her to bits but didn’t kill her spirit in dating.

  • Elvin Jackson

Last but not least is Palmer’s emotional roller coaster with famed rapper, Elvin Jackson. Even though the couple didn’t officially announce that they were dating, their social media handles couldn’t scream the news any louder. They wore matching clothes and went on vacations together. It is because of this reason that their split in 2019 came as a blow to their fans who had been rooting for their affair. However, the reasons for their split remains unknown.

Image of Keke Palmer with rapper Elvin Jackson
Caption: Keke Palmer with rapper Elvin Jackson

Keke Palmer’s Current Boyfriend.

The TV host’s newest love interest is also rumored to be a famed musician who goes by the name Styn. According to a blog post, Keke was caught on a thirst spree, commenting one of Styn’s Instagram posts with his shirt open.

She even referred to him as her baby. To those unfamiliar with the singer, he is one of the artists on the music duo, MAE SEVEN, and sings alongside his brother, Winter. Sadly, both have not commented on the status of their relationship.

So, from the above past relationship details with male partners, you can conclude that Keke Palmer is not gay, she is straight.

Social Media Activities.

Keke Palmer refers to herself as a Millenial Diva in both her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She spots a vast fan following of 9 million and 1.7 million followers, respectively. She is currently cooped up in her house, emphasizing on social distancing while interacting with her fans through viral videos.

It is also through her social media that we found out about her rumored relationships with rappers Meek Mill and Ty Dollar Sign. However, Palmer has never commented on both stories and prefers to let the speculations run their course.

She has talked at length about falling for celebrities who understand what it’s like being a star and not be intimidated by her success. She even admitted to having a crush on Michael Ealy and wrote a book about her love life. Let’s hope her quest to find true love ends on a happy note.

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