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Is Tony Gomez Gay?

Image of Is Tony Gomez Gay

Originally posted on June 13, 2020 @ 9:59 am

Tony Gomez is an American Internet Personality. He is famously known for being a TikToker, and so far, he has managed to achieve 17.3 Million followers already. Since the app was first developed, it has gained a lot of users over the years. Its increased popularity has made some people famous.

One of those people is Tony Gomez. We are going to be talking about him. As you continue reading, you will get to know more details about him. Let me take you through his life and get to know a few interesting facts regarding is past and current relationship life.

Tony Gomez is Not Gay.

Tony Gomez is currently single. A time ago, rumors were going around that Tony Lopez was dating a top female TikTok star, Charlie D’Amelio, since she would frequently appear in his videos.

However, they both came forward to deny that they were in a relationship. In fact, Tony admitted that he treated Charlie like a sister. There was also a time when Tony Lopez was said to be dating Nikita Dragun, a YouTuber. The two always looked so close together, but unfortunately, it turned out they were not dating at all.

Image of Tiktok star Tony Lopez is currently single
Caption: Tiktok star Tony Lopez is currently single

There was a story going around that Tony was dating his high school girlfriend. But since he has no confirmed any of this, we will continue to assume that he is single.

Recently, Tony Lopez joined a live dating site in search of a girlfriend. Lopez wanted a girl that was sweet, funny, talkative, supportive, and a dream chaser. With this, we are entirely sure that Tony Lopez is very straight. The fact that he wears earrings does not mean that he is gay. We are hoping that he ends up finding a perfect match because he is too cute to be single.

Wiki and facts.

Full name Tony Gomez
Age 20 years old
Date of Birth 19th August 1999
Place of Birth Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Profession TikTok Star
Net worth $2 Million
Girlfriend Single
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Hispanic
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Under review.

Tony Gomez was born on 19th August 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was raised alongside his brothers: Xavier and Ondreaz Lopez. Apart from TikTok, he has other social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • Instagram- @lopez_tony with 5.5million followers.
  • YouTube-@Lopez Brothers with 1.33 million subscribers.
  • Twitter-@lopez_tony with 400.1k followers.

Looking at his social media, most of his posts are pictures of himself. As for YouTube, he shares the channel with his brothers. Apart from being a TikTok star and a YouTuber, Lopez is also a great dancer. In his TikTok videos, he has danced alongside other famous TikTokers.

Tony is said to be 5ft 11 inches tall and weighing about 72kg. He also has curly black hair and brown eyes with Hispanic ethnicity.

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