BTS Sexuality: Is any BTS Member Gay?

Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, is a Guinness Books of Record-breaking pop music group of seven boys from South Korea. The boys formed the group in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea. They were initially more of hip-hop music, but over the years, their music has evolved over a series of genres. They had also widened the […]

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Image of Emily Dickinson Sexuality: Was she Gay/Lesbian

Emily Dickinson Sexuality: Was she Gay/Lesbian?

Emily Dickson was an American poet who lived between 10th December 1830 and 15th May 1886. Emily lived an isolated life, and she spent most of her time locked in her room. This gave her ample time to write a lot of poems. In counts, she wrote more than 1700 poems, but only ten (or […]

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Adam Conover Is Not Gay. Dating his Wife to Be Girlfriend Lisa Hanawalt.

Adam Conover is 37 years old American best know comedian, producer, and YouTuber. He first became famous for his cast on a comedy film, ‘College Humor.’ However, his production on web series on TruTv in the comedy series Adam Ruins everything’ was his breakthrough into fame. Adam is also a writer and television host. He […]

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Is Timothy Granaderos gay?

Timothy Granaderos is 33 years old American movie actor and model. He is famous for his role as Montgomery de la Cruz in the drama series, 13 Reasons why that is on Netflix. He has also featured in several heat shows such as ‘The Vault’ and T@gged, Runaways. Timothy has become a victim of circumstance […]

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Image of Brie Larson Sexuality Revealed: Know if Captain Marvel is Gay.

Brie Larson Sexuality Revealed: Know if Captain Marvel is Gay.

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers aka Brie Larson is a California-born actress who is known for her roles in Box office films like Kong-Skull Island and 21 jump street. Most people say that her breakout role came with her award-winning turn in Room. She received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her work on this film. […]

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Is Queen Latifah a Lesbian? Her sexuality revealed.

Dana Elaine Owens is a hip-hop musician, songwriter, and producer who is fondly remembered for hits like Ladies First. Most people know her by her stage name, Queen Latifah. Over the years, Latifah has released chart topic albums like Nature of a Sista and All Hail the Queen. Aside from music, Dana has also enjoyed […]

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Image of Is Dr. Mike Gay

Is Dr. Mike Gay?

Dr. Mike is a Russian-American Celebrity Doctor. He is officially known as Dr. Mikhail Varshavski and is the Founder of Limitless Tomorrow. He was voted as The Sexiest Doctor Alive in 2015. Dr. Mike won the Webby Award for Health and Fitness recently this year. Read this to know about Dr. Mike’s girlfriend and about […]

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Is Drew Carey gay? Who is He dating Now?

Drew Carey is an American television host, comedian, and actor. Carey is known for his work in many television shows such as The Drew Carey Show, The Price is Right, and Whose Line Is It Anyway. Drew is also passionate about soccer, and he has interests in the Seattle Sounders FC team. Carey also had […]

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Image of Is Brandon Flynn gay

Brandon Flynn’s New Boyfriend after Breakup With Sam Smith.

Brandon Flynn is an American actor who hails from Miami, Florida. He is best known for his role in the Netflix hit series named 13 Reasons Why. Brandon is also known for working in other movies such as BrainDead and Home Movies. Flynn is also one of the few openly gay actors in Hollywood, and […]

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Is Todrick Hall Gay?

Todrick Hall is a Black-American Singer-songwriter and Actor. Todrick gained fame after he appeared in American Idol season 9 as a Semifinalist. Not only does he sing, but he also directs short films. He has been in films such as Sing It, Todrick, The Greatest Dancer, etc. Since he became famous, he has worked with […]

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